The Celts Are Israelites Under Another Name

Hebrew Israelite groups gather and proselytize in metropolitan areas. Former St. Louis rapper Chingy, who achieved stardom with the hit song Right Thurr,” later abandoned mainstream hip hop, adopted the Hebrew Israelite faith and recorded the track King Judah” dedicating his music career to spreading the Hebrew Israelite message.

Dr. Chisanga Siame in his journal article katunkumene and the ancient Egypt in Africa, 2013”, stated that, It is interesting also to observe the clan prefix Hi-m Hiram is mainly found among the Bantonga of Zambian and Banyarwanda. The fact is that the true Hebrew Israelites were driven out of THEIR LAND.

It is pretty disturbing and even painful to see that even many years after the abolishment of slavery, and many years since MLK and the events around his time, there are people who still feel beaten that they try to justify their existence by claiming relation or ancestry from ancient civilizations which appeal to the Western consciousness.

Merneptah boasts of having devastated "Israel" and several other peoples in Canaan at a time when most scholars believe the Exodus had not yet occurred. Although Judaism allows people to join its faith from any ethnic background, most Jews today are the descendants of the Israelites, as are the Samaritans , only a few of who still survive.

Texe Marrs' book, DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline , reports on new scientific findings proving that the Jews of today are NOT Jews, but are instead converts from Khazaria and Poland. In the abstract to one of his many essays, Dierk Lange: Origin of the Yoruba and The Lost Tribes of Israel”,” Dierk confirms the traditions of a Levantine (Israelite) origin of the Yoruba Nigerians.

While the migration paths of the so-called lost-tribes-of-Israel are well known and many books have been written about them, validating the Europeans and Americans as those Israelites, I've been confused by an anomaly: some of the same people who recognize our Aryan race as God's Adamic race reject our Aryan language of Greek as sacred to our God, for sake of choosing the Afro-Asian language of Hebrew!

While Chaldean magicians might have convinced the Babylonian captives to hold a special name for God as sacred-mantric-magic, those Israelites in Alexandria since the Assyrian purge would not have been influenced by that. So by every measure, this publication is NOT anti-Semitic at all End of days - quite the contrary - it is completely PRO-Semitic in championing the rights of the true Hebrew Israelites.

Have suggested that the ultimate roots of black Judaism lie in the identification of African American slaves with the Egyptian servitude and liberation of the biblical Hebrews.”41 Parfitt agrees when he asserts that there was a progressive identification with the Israelites as African American slaves learned the biblical stories.42 A brief overview of this historical-ideological development is in order.

Whichever people are suffering the curses in their entirety are the true Israelites. We know that it ends badly for our captors and those who devoured or mistreated the True Israelites. As other scholars began to travel the land, here in modern times, they too began reporting tribes of Black populations.

Christian Science has made it possible for every one of all races and religions to become an Israelite in the true sense. This only makes sense because never in recorded history did the children of Israel return to Egypt in bondage with ships. Then as in times past, true Israel survived and continued on through the faithful sons, while the unfaithful apostates were "cut off" from among the people.

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