The Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) is open to all motion pictures and all genres that demonstrate a high regard for the moving image as an art form. New Media Film Festival was proud and honored to present Leonardo DiCaprio with the Socially Responsible Conservationist Award for his Conservation dedication and efforts via Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation - Dedicated to protecting Earth's last wild places and implementing solutions that create a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world.

There's even a competitive category for Sniplers®,30-second mini-trailers featured to garner attention for films not yet made. This makes for great, rich content to share with film advocates and among their online community. Through courses and workshops, this unique programme provides students with both theoretical and practical training in all stages of the audiovisual production process for all kinds of media (cinema, television, the web, videogames, mobile devices).

An International Festival based in Los Angeles, the New Media Film Festival celebrates the ever-changing world of new media. It's up to the social media team to provide customer service by monitoring for and quickly responding to inquiries on Twitter and Facebook—to improve customer service.

A 5X Daytime Emmy-nominated digital drama series. The New Media Film Festival team works hard to produce a cutting-edge, fair, upscale festival devoted to upcoming and seasoned content creators that highlights and honors globally in the New Media industry.

Cinema and New Technologies: takes a more in-depth look at film directing techniques, while also guiding students through a theoretical and critical analysis of cinema; introduces digital filmmaking and animation, the economic strategies of filmmaking, and strategies for the distribution and preservation of films.

Known as 'The Sundance for the Facebook crowd', the New Media Film Festival is now accepting entries. Susan Johnston is President of Select Services Films, Inc. Legendary judges cull over the content for the annual festival in Los Angeles that offers screening, competition ($45k in awards) and distribution opportunities.

The final shortlisted films will be announced on November 24th,2018. Over 3 years in the making, the ship is scheduled to sail this year and will have it's LA Premiere at the 7th Annual New Media Film Festival June 7-9 2016 in Los Angeles CA. Sponsors enjoy strong brand impact Film Festival in our print and media advertising, on our websites and social media platforms, in the program catalog, and on the big screen during the Festival.

Short film festivals, especially for and by the young. The digital projection and acceptance of digital films to film festivals have been achieved. Less-than-20 minutes short film Produced after 1-Jan-2018, shot at home or abroad, in the category of drama or animation.

A global selection of content creators, filmmakers, and storytellers converge on #Los Angeles to learn from Industry leaders that attend, share their experiences in the Question and Answer segment that immediately follows their screening, and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Oscar winner, Nicholas Reed marvels at the festivals innovative programming, The New Media Film Festival seemed like an outlier when it started in 2010, with their strange categories, web series, 3D storytelling, digital comics, now all of a sudden these phrases are the new normal.

She has advised household brands and brought newcomers to market, working with innovators at Liberty Media, Comcast, IBM, AOL, France Telecom, Scripps, AT&T, Hollywood studios, TV networks, Madison Avenue agencies, and many others in OTT streaming, social video, ecommerce, mobile, and games.

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